Ways to reduce stomach lipid effectively and quickly

Sue Lambert   June 7, 2016   Comments Off on Ways to reduce stomach lipid effectively and quickly

Women are always afraid of stomach lipid, especially those who already underwent the birth giving. The stomach is no longer thin enough always makes women not confident. Besides, too much stomach lipid can cause some diseases.

Following are some safe and simple ways to reduce stomach lipid quickly:


Message TherapyAccording to food experts, massage under steaming room in 25-30 minutes can help to produce energy, equivalently to 45 minutes of walking or 25 minutes of strong movement. However, you should follow certain process.

Each time of massage, you can omit 0.7 – 1l water and 600 kcal. After massage in the steaming room, you can reduce 0.8-1kg but this weight will come back when you drink water. To fully reduce the weight and stomach lipid, you need time and patience. But you should not try to massage all day because so much movement extensively will not good for your health. Your health can not get used to this very quickly. Make it gentle.

Eating banana in the morning with hot tea

When you are on a diet, you still have to keep the breakfast. But when you want to lose weight banana is a very good choice. You can eat one banana or more it is up to you. Then you can drink a hot cup of tea, you can drink some kinds of tea with the sour flavor which can balance the sweet of banana you eat before.

You have to be patient in eating banana, after 2 weeks you can see the result clearly. Banana is very helpful for the stomach and it also helps to get all the poisons out of your body. Especially, banana helps to reduce weight safely and quickly, you can eat banana as breakfast then in the lunch and dinner you can eat all things without worrying that you can get weight. This is the special thing for reducing stomach lipid from banana for women. But do not eat too ripe bananas

Besides the ability to reduce stomach lipid, banana can help to reduce stress and some popular disease such as high blood pressure, reduction of risk of getting stroke.

Drinking lemon juice

LemonsYou have to drink lemon juice every day instead of water. However, the lemon juice you drink every day must be different from the lemon juice you drink in the restaurant. You need to make the lemon juice as weak as possible, do not put any sugar as well. When you follow this way, you can still maintain your daily meals but you have to limit eating stuff.

Putting the lemon piece on the stomach

Lemon has the ability to filter the process of absorbing extra lipid, getting the poison out of the liver, kidney, filtering the blood, improving the blood quality, promoting the process of exchanging substance in the body, recovering the digestive system, increasing the appetite and adjusting the balancing of the digestive system.

Apply salt into the stomach to reduce lipid

The method to use salt to reduce lipid comes from the natural and traditional treatment. Applying salt is the way of reducing the pain especially pain in the back, brain and to reduce stomach lipid making the body thin and fit.

Normally, you can stir the salt then you put it in the bag. Then you apply the bag of hot salt on the stomach. The heat of the salt will be very useful in reducing the stomach lipid, making your stomach fitter and stronger. For better improvement, you can mix salt with ginger which is also very helpful.