How to deal with stomach lipid

Sue Lambert   June 7, 2016   Comments Off on How to deal with stomach lipid

Everybody knows that ‘’lipid around stomach’’ is the focus of lipid which sticks very closely to the stomach, bottom, and thigh. This can lead to the problem of heart and diabetes diseases so reducing stomach lipid is what you have to do right now. You should have your all target such as reducing a certain amount of stomach lipid within 2 weeks or a longer plan for a week or several weeks. In fact, the stomach often stores an initial lipid of the body and will be the place you have to reduce firstly. You should start to find out a balanced nutrient model and suitable exercise to reduce your lipid quickly but safely. The following strategy will help you in doing that:

Building the nutrient model for quick reduction of stomach lipid

An eating model with fewer calories is very important for a weight loss plan which will lead to the reduction of stomach lipid. Therefore, you should build for yourself a suitable nutrient model which will help you to get achievement in weight loss. Besides, processed food, you have to eat fruit and vegetables, milk with fewer lipids.

You can drink yogurt because natural bacteria in the yogurt can help you in reducing lipid. There are a lot of yogurt kinds available for you to choose. If you care so much about the hygiene, you can buy a yogurt making a machine produce yogurt yourself. You can make any yogurt flavor you like with any additional elements suiting your appetite and eating habit.

Lose Stomach Fat in 2 Weeks

An eating model with very low lipid will not be the best way to reduce stomach lipid. There are many kinds of lipid, in which some will not create the stomach lipid. Its purpose is to balance the nutrient of the body. So you should try to make sure that good lipid will still be absorbed by your body. Finally, you have to drink 5 cups of green tea every day. Some substances in the green tea can help to burn the extra lipid of the stomach. Drinking green tea before doing exercise can helps you to work longer which leads to quick loss of stomach lipid.

The truth of doing exercise

Besides a healthy eating model, you have to do exercise to reduce stomach lipid the most effectively. There are many exercises now for you to choose but what will be considered as good exercise. Do not waste your time in any overdone exercise, if the heart beats more it will create “cortisol”, one kind of hormone which is responsible for storing lipid in the stomach. You have to find down and listen to advise to have the suitable exercise for your successful stomach lipid loss.

Reducing stress to reduce stomach lipid

As mentioned above, cortisol is the hormone which is naturally produced by the body because the body will respond to stress. It helps you to adjust to unexpected circumstances of life such as dangerous cases. However, the speed and stress of the modern life can make to increase the level of cortisol which will store the stomach lipid. If you limit or eliminate the stress, it means you can limit the stomach lipid.

In fact, in all methods to reduce stomach lipid in a very safe manner, the improvement of nutrients and having a good eating model is always considered as one of the leading methods.

Some special fruits which are helpful for stomach lipid loss


Sliced cucumbersFrom now on, cucumber is known as a way to filter the body and for face skin improvement. However, science has shown that cucumber has been proved that cucumber is the very best vegetables in reducing stomach lipid.

Cucumber contains sulfur and silicon; they are very helpful elements for a kidney. It helps kidney to produce uric acid and limit the process of producing lipid cell. This shows the positive signal of how to reduce the stomach lipid. Then the advice for you is that you should eat cucumber frequently (you can eat directly or squeeze it to have the juice) to have the flat, fit and thin stomach and good health.

Avocado will not provide the fat you think

News for women is that avocado is one of the top 5 fruits which are very helpful for the stomach. Avocado contains vitamin A, B, C, E and mineral substances which are very helpful for health, increase the energy for working for a body. So it can help people to work much even though you do not eat much during a day. More than that, avocado contains the not saturation lipid which is very good for digestive system. It will help to reduce harmful cholesterol. So you are not hesitant to add avocado into your eating model for stomach lipid loss.


To have a flat stomach and fit body, you have to think of pineapple. The acid substance in the pineapple will help to burn the calories and lipid and will be one of the stomach lipid losses. Many people have used this method and satisfy with this. You should be active in enjoying this fruit to reduce the appetizing for eating but still be fit with the stomach.

With all the natural stomach lipid methods which are very cheap, you will not need to spend much money in the spa but still lose your stomach lipid and maintain a fit body.