How to lose weight effectively

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These days, people have complained that you are getting weight. Of course, you will look not as beautiful as you were before. That’s why now you are looking for effective and quick ways of losing weight. But you are wondering how to lose weight quickly but safely. Many cases have shown that quick but not logic weight loss can make people fainted, sick or even get more diseases. The following advice can provide to you ways to lose weight effectively but will not give any bad influence to your health including average eating level and appropriate exercise.Biggest Loser Before After


What is the core of weight loss?

There are a lot of posts and articles in the Internet letting you know how to lose weight effectively under the titles like strategy, plan or tips for losing weight. However, before you follow these kinds of advice you have to understand clearly the 2 following principles:

– Firstly, weight does not mean “lipid”: The weight of your body contains cells, muscles, organs of the body and mainly water. So if you think that when you lose weight meaning you decrease your overall lipids, you should reconsider.

– Secondly, when you lose weight and you succeed, it does not mean that you will not get weight again: in fact, there are many cases which can lose weight quickly but after that they get weight very quickly and they can not find any ways to maintain the average weight for a long time after the weight is lost.

So what will be the most effective ways to lose weight?

You should think of ways to lose weight safely but will last for a long time, meaning people can maintain the average body for a long time of around a year, even from 2 or 5 years or even longer. So you should not believe in quick weight loss, instead, you have to find ways to lose weight effectively and can maintain the perfect body for a long time.

Scientists have researched to discover how to maintain an average weight for the body. There are many types of research like this available. Among many others, a famous research has affirmed the eating level and daily exercise of an adult can help them in weight loss and maintain the average body. The result of the research has been proved in reality. Many people have said that they are doing the weight loss very well because of their appropriate eating level and frequent exercise.

Importantly, you have to understand the difference between weight loss and maintaining the perfect body. Both are the deduction of food getting into the body. People often eat less than usual, they will eat more vegetables and fruits, they eat less lipid and soft drink. It is very easy to understand why people do that to lose weight. But the most important thing is that people who want to maintain the average body can do but those who would like to lose weight can not.  So what are the differences? Below are what done by many people who are now in a very good shape:Woman holding scale eating apple


Principle is effective weight loss is appropriate eating level and exercise

– Effective weight losers who can maintain a good shape have said that they have done 30-minute exercise every day and also do other activities in their daily agenda.

– Successful weight losers have revealed that they have applied an average and suitable eating level including types of eating items, time for eating and way for eating.

– Reduce static activities such as watching television, reading book and do other self-monitoring tasks, including:

  1. 1. Supervising the level of calories.
  2. 2. Monitoring the weight.
  3. 3. Planning eating meals.
  4. 4. Keeping track of lipid.
  5. 5. Checking the content of each meal.

Unfortunately, the action of self-monitoring, especially the checking of weight and level of food eating into the body or calculating the calories are not preferred by weight loser. Even some experts think that it is not good for the weight loser to know about these things. It may affect the motion and feeling of the weight losers. However, in fact, it is an important element to help you to be in good shape.

Is it possible to lose weight in few days?

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When you think about weight loss in few days, it is usually a difficult work. For many people, it is really impossible. Are you searching an eating mode to have fast weight loss in one week? You can read somewhere much information related to this topic but it can help you to success? You should refer to below advice in order to be successful in fast and effective weight loss in a week.

First, thing I want to advise you are changing your harmful eating habit. You must create an eating habit better than your old habit in short time. Let’s help your body. A healthful eating habit is the best way to weight loss. Let’s create them:

  1. Calculating calorie for every meal

An eating habit in order to have fast weight loss in a week is a job which you should calculate calorie for every meal. It can be an old trick but it is a very good activity. You should keep a food diary to track what do you eat and calorie in every meal. In order to have fast weight loss, an important thing is tracking food types which you eat to know how many calorie you need to burn to weight loss. You should not eat too much carbohydrate for breakfast or other meals. Instead of carbohydrate, you should eat seeds such as oat, using protein, vegetable, fruit and so on. If you feel it too difficult so you should try over because this food is the best way to help you to lose weight. Using more vegetable, fruit in main meals and snack time will make you limit carbohydrate in your body. You also should limit snacks after main meals. Additionally, it can make you more beautiful. This thing creates a change which helps to increase your metabolism. It is the most important process which helps to burn your excess lipid.weight loss before after


  1. Using green tea instead of other beverages

Green tea helps you to lose weight fast. Next, you should use green tea beverages instead of water, beverages have too much sugar. Each day you should drink at least two glasses of green tea. It has many antioxidants which help to prevent cancer cells. It also helps to purge your body and it will make you stronger every day. You should drink green tea with no sugar in one hour after you have breakfast, lunch or whenever you want during a week. You can drink cold green tea but almost people like warm green tea. For this eating habit with more water, pineapple, cucumber and other foods which help to burn lipid and have less sugar, you will lose weight fast.

  1. Using pineapple each day

It is known by features including inflammatory, detoxification and so on. It also helps to burn lipid in your body. You can use some big pieces of pineapples for your breakfast or snack. You can process pineapple to become many forms such as using to fry, cooking some foods or crushing vitamin with two pieces of fresh pineapple, cucumber, and parsley. You can drink this vitamin instead of having breakfast in three days. It will help you to lose weight fast.pineapple


          4. See water as food

There are juices having many vitamins but they also have more calorie which influences to your weight loss plan. You should try to drink a lot of water each day instead of drinking juice. You will be very effective. Drinking a lot of water not only is good for your digestion but also helps your body to remove excess water in your body. Increasing metabolism will make you lose weight fast. You should drink 2 to 3 l water each day. It is the best way to lose weight for everyone.  You can wring few drops lemon into your water; it will make your water easier to drink.

  1. Snacks

If you can not match with your weight loss plan, you can feel hunger or appetite. Let’s choose the wise snacks without influencing to your weight loss plan in a week such as eating yogurt. Additionally, you also can use some fruits which are good for weight loss, drinking vitamin, juice with no sugar to bloat your stomach

  1. Food

You should use food types including rice, potato, bean, meat with less fat, shellfish, fish with less fat, lean pork, soy milk, vegetable, oil at 10 to 20 gram each day and salt about 6 gram each day. The high blood pressure people just should use at 2 to 4 gram each day. You should not use food types including sugar, honey, sweet cake and candy, wine, beer, coffee, tea, avoiding eating too salt. You should not skip your meal, especially is your breakfast. You must have a hearty breakfast because it is the best important meal in the day. Many people do not have breakfast because they scare that it will make them fatter but they are wrong. You can eat anything in your breakfast because calorie which you will absorb in your breakfast is very low. Breakfast is a key to weight loss. If you do not have breakfast, your body will not have enough food and it will find any way to save your energy. In order to of not being hungry, your body just spends little energy. This thing will make you eat too much and you will increase your weight too quickly.

  1. Do not eat after 8 pm

The last thing I want to remind you is that you should not eat in the night. Your kitchen should be closed in the night. After dinner, you should brush your teeth to decrease appetizing. Eating in the night just make you have more excess lipid and it will affect your health. In addition, to create healthful eating habit will help you to lose weight fast in a week, you should find for yourself exercise matching with your health and you must usually practice this. Let’s increase activity to change your life and health. Absolutely you will decrease your weight if you follow above advice.chinese food on a plate

Role of water in weight loss

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If you want to be healthy so you should drink 2l of water daily. That is recommended by experts. You really understand why water is a trick to fast weight loss. Because it helps your body transporting nutrients for cells, promoting digestion, removing wastes out of your body, keeping strong kidney, taking care of your skin and other parts, metabolism regulation and body temperature of yourself.

cold water splashing

Water helps your liver to be more active. The liver has a responsibility to drive lipid. It is an important thing if you want to weight loss. However, your liver will need more water to do this thing. If you do not drink enough water so your liver will store more lipid. Water is really things which need for your health. Water is a trick to fast weight loss which is a cheap trick for everyone. The body is made up approximately sixty-five percent water but we lost water every day when we do daily activities through sweat, breath and urine. If you want to have fast weight loss so you should create a habit of drinking of 1.5 to 2l water daily. Let’s discover how water helps you to have fast weight loss, let’s take advantage of big profit that water brings to the body:

  1. Water increases metabolism, body purification

When we drink not enough water, our body will be lazy. We can not remove waste out of body and harm for your liver because it works too much. So if you do not drink enough water, your liver will work more than 2 times. That thing will decrease ability burning lipid and will create excess lipid. If your body is provided enough water, your liver will work more effectively helping to burn lipid in your body. Therefore, water is the best trick to weight loss. When you participate in sports activities, you will be too thirsty but you should not drink water too quickly. You should drink water slowly for water to be osmotic through your intestine, veins to help your body and cell to be stronger. If you have a cardiovascular disease, hypertension or swell foot so you need to avoid drinking too much water. You should not drink water too much in the night because it will lead to your swell face. You just need to drink a little water. You should choose natural water, boiling water because bottled water is not good for your health. Bottle water can include a harmful component for your health.

2.Water decreases your hunger

Before meal fifteen to thirty minutes, you should drink a glass of water which will make you feel fuller and you will eat less. But you should not drink liquid with your meal because it will dissolve fluid in your stomach. It will make slower digestion and you will bloat after meals. You should drink a glass of water after each two hours. If you just drink water when you feel thirsty so your body will be not enough water for metabolic activity.

3.Waterless calorie

Water should be used to replace all of the water types such as juice, canned water, beer and so on. Because these beverages have many sugar or calorie which will exceed your energy. It will make accumulating excess lipid for your body. Water is a beverage which has the lowest calorie so you should replace water for all beverages which you are using.

4.Cold water helps to have fast weight loss

Studies showed that if you drink a glass of cold water, your body needs to burn a calorie to increase the temperature of cold water compared with normal water. However, we do not encourage drink too much cold water after your meals because cold water will give you slow digestion.


5.Body can not miss water

Dehydration is showed by dry mouth, sleepy, tired and so on. A dehydration body will make slower metabolic process making fewer calorie burning and will be difficult to remove lipid and faster weight loss.

6.Water advances your heath

water pouring into glassIf you can drink enough water so water can shorten the aging process and improve diseases such as diabetes, obesity, arthritis, dry skin and so on. If you drink a glass of water whenever you get up so you can be stronger. You can squeeze few drops lemon to remove toxins.


Warning: You should not drink too much water; it will be bad for you. If you use too much water to try to have fast weight loss so it will affect the function of your kidney. Minerals such as sodium, magnesium and so on will be diluted too quickly in your blood. This is not good for your body. It can create serious consequence such as tiredness, cramp, loss of consciousness and cerebral palsy or death. You just should drink 1, 5 to 2 l water daily. Good luck and success with tricks to decrease our weight.

How to deal with stomach lipid

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Everybody knows that ‘’lipid around stomach’’ is the focus of lipid which sticks very closely to the stomach, bottom, and thigh. This can lead to the problem of heart and diabetes diseases so reducing stomach lipid is what you have to do right now. You should have your all target such as reducing a certain amount of stomach lipid within 2 weeks or a longer plan for a week or several weeks. In fact, the stomach often stores an initial lipid of the body and will be the place you have to reduce firstly. You should start to find out a balanced nutrient model and suitable exercise to reduce your lipid quickly but safely. The following strategy will help you in doing that:

Building the nutrient model for quick reduction of stomach lipid

An eating model with fewer calories is very important for a weight loss plan which will lead to the reduction of stomach lipid. Therefore, you should build for yourself a suitable nutrient model which will help you to get achievement in weight loss. Besides, processed food, you have to eat fruit and vegetables, milk with fewer lipids.

You can drink yogurt because natural bacteria in the yogurt can help you in reducing lipid. There are a lot of yogurt kinds available for you to choose. If you care so much about the hygiene, you can buy a yogurt making a machine produce yogurt yourself. You can make any yogurt flavor you like with any additional elements suiting your appetite and eating habit.

Lose Stomach Fat in 2 Weeks

An eating model with very low lipid will not be the best way to reduce stomach lipid. There are many kinds of lipid, in which some will not create the stomach lipid. Its purpose is to balance the nutrient of the body. So you should try to make sure that good lipid will still be absorbed by your body. Finally, you have to drink 5 cups of green tea every day. Some substances in the green tea can help to burn the extra lipid of the stomach. Drinking green tea before doing exercise can helps you to work longer which leads to quick loss of stomach lipid.

The truth of doing exercise

Besides a healthy eating model, you have to do exercise to reduce stomach lipid the most effectively. There are many exercises now for you to choose but what will be considered as good exercise. Do not waste your time in any overdone exercise, if the heart beats more it will create “cortisol”, one kind of hormone which is responsible for storing lipid in the stomach. You have to find down and listen to advise to have the suitable exercise for your successful stomach lipid loss.

Reducing stress to reduce stomach lipid

As mentioned above, cortisol is the hormone which is naturally produced by the body because the body will respond to stress. It helps you to adjust to unexpected circumstances of life such as dangerous cases. However, the speed and stress of the modern life can make to increase the level of cortisol which will store the stomach lipid. If you limit or eliminate the stress, it means you can limit the stomach lipid.

In fact, in all methods to reduce stomach lipid in a very safe manner, the improvement of nutrients and having a good eating model is always considered as one of the leading methods.

Some special fruits which are helpful for stomach lipid loss


Sliced cucumbersFrom now on, cucumber is known as a way to filter the body and for face skin improvement. However, science has shown that cucumber has been proved that cucumber is the very best vegetables in reducing stomach lipid.

Cucumber contains sulfur and silicon; they are very helpful elements for a kidney. It helps kidney to produce uric acid and limit the process of producing lipid cell. This shows the positive signal of how to reduce the stomach lipid. Then the advice for you is that you should eat cucumber frequently (you can eat directly or squeeze it to have the juice) to have the flat, fit and thin stomach and good health.

Avocado will not provide the fat you think

News for women is that avocado is one of the top 5 fruits which are very helpful for the stomach. Avocado contains vitamin A, B, C, E and mineral substances which are very helpful for health, increase the energy for working for a body. So it can help people to work much even though you do not eat much during a day. More than that, avocado contains the not saturation lipid which is very good for digestive system. It will help to reduce harmful cholesterol. So you are not hesitant to add avocado into your eating model for stomach lipid loss.


To have a flat stomach and fit body, you have to think of pineapple. The acid substance in the pineapple will help to burn the calories and lipid and will be one of the stomach lipid losses. Many people have used this method and satisfy with this. You should be active in enjoying this fruit to reduce the appetizing for eating but still be fit with the stomach.

With all the natural stomach lipid methods which are very cheap, you will not need to spend much money in the spa but still lose your stomach lipid and maintain a fit body.

Ways to reduce stomach lipid effectively and quickly

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Women are always afraid of stomach lipid, especially those who already underwent the birth giving. The stomach is no longer thin enough always makes women not confident. Besides, too much stomach lipid can cause some diseases.

Following are some safe and simple ways to reduce stomach lipid quickly:


Message TherapyAccording to food experts, massage under steaming room in 25-30 minutes can help to produce energy, equivalently to 45 minutes of walking or 25 minutes of strong movement. However, you should follow certain process.

Each time of massage, you can omit 0.7 – 1l water and 600 kcal. After massage in the steaming room, you can reduce 0.8-1kg but this weight will come back when you drink water. To fully reduce the weight and stomach lipid, you need time and patience. But you should not try to massage all day because so much movement extensively will not good for your health. Your health can not get used to this very quickly. Make it gentle.

Eating banana in the morning with hot tea

When you are on a diet, you still have to keep the breakfast. But when you want to lose weight banana is a very good choice. You can eat one banana or more it is up to you. Then you can drink a hot cup of tea, you can drink some kinds of tea with the sour flavor which can balance the sweet of banana you eat before.

You have to be patient in eating banana, after 2 weeks you can see the result clearly. Banana is very helpful for the stomach and it also helps to get all the poisons out of your body. Especially, banana helps to reduce weight safely and quickly, you can eat banana as breakfast then in the lunch and dinner you can eat all things without worrying that you can get weight. This is the special thing for reducing stomach lipid from banana for women. But do not eat too ripe bananas

Besides the ability to reduce stomach lipid, banana can help to reduce stress and some popular disease such as high blood pressure, reduction of risk of getting stroke.

Drinking lemon juice

LemonsYou have to drink lemon juice every day instead of water. However, the lemon juice you drink every day must be different from the lemon juice you drink in the restaurant. You need to make the lemon juice as weak as possible, do not put any sugar as well. When you follow this way, you can still maintain your daily meals but you have to limit eating stuff.

Putting the lemon piece on the stomach

Lemon has the ability to filter the process of absorbing extra lipid, getting the poison out of the liver, kidney, filtering the blood, improving the blood quality, promoting the process of exchanging substance in the body, recovering the digestive system, increasing the appetite and adjusting the balancing of the digestive system.

Apply salt into the stomach to reduce lipid

The method to use salt to reduce lipid comes from the natural and traditional treatment. Applying salt is the way of reducing the pain especially pain in the back, brain and to reduce stomach lipid making the body thin and fit.

Normally, you can stir the salt then you put it in the bag. Then you apply the bag of hot salt on the stomach. The heat of the salt will be very useful in reducing the stomach lipid, making your stomach fitter and stronger. For better improvement, you can mix salt with ginger which is also very helpful.

Tips for efficient weight loss

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Green apple scaleYou are afraid of getting weight. You ask for the doctor for a solution. You already apply some treatment but the case is not much improved. You should not wonder, should not worry but do practice right away to make your weight lose. They are not too difficult to follow but you must be very patient and insisted on following the below advice:

Increase your daily activities is one of the leading weight loss methods

This includes official exercise as well as doing other sports, entertainment, and other physical activities. Doing exercise not only helps you to lose weight but also makes you maintain a good shape. It is also very good for your health, especially for your heart and head.

Reduce static activities

These activities are watching television, playing the game and searching the Internet. Instead of doing these activities, you have to get used to playing entertainment and leisure activities such as riding a bicycle, walking, gardening, playing with the kids, doing sport and so on. These helpful activities will help you to lose weight.

Add some shaping exercise into the agenda

You should try to do some shaping exercise as one of the parts of the official exercise agenda during the time you lose weight. But you have to keep it after that time in order to have a good shape.

Supervising and checking

You have to calculate calories and necessary ingredients and nutrients for your body. You have to calculate the eating level and choose which food you should eat very carefully. You should plan for the meal and supervise the weight of your body as well as the lipid level in your body.

No excuse is accepted

Woman choosing sweets or fruitYou can make any excuse for why you can not lose weight, you do not feel comfortable in calculating your weight and calories, or doing daily exercise for a better shape. You have to remember that there will be no effective way to lose weight except determination and patience in losing weight by following effective and hard ways. Therefore, in order to have a good shape with a healthy body, you must be insisted on doing things.

Therefore, you have had in hand 5 tips for weight loss, they are 5 ways to have an effective and quick weight loss by exercise to keep fit. It is very useful if you really want to lose weight and keep fit forever. You should not excuse that you do not have time, you do not know how to do because you yourself know that in order to get a success, you have to be insisted. You have to believe that you yourself can do it and you absolutely can do.

And you have to remember that: you want to lose the lipid, not the weight, meaning you have to lose the extra lipid inside your body but not your muscles. When you can understand it so you should not hesitant to follow it

How to select your Down Comforter

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A down comforter looks like a fluffy quilt, thick and it is filled with down feather from geese. Down is extremely soft, light in addition to luxurious which is filled with an exceptionally accepted bed covering.

Bed with soft comforterMost feathers of down Comforter lay flat with a middle quill, but it is true down lacks is a hard shaft, as well as the feathery filaments, are “thick” in appearance. For this reason down Comforter is so soft. Also, it has the ability to hold body heat when allowing moisture to getaway and this desirable character known as wicking

Actually, down is the fluffy as well as soft usual insulation that can discover next to the skin of a duck or goose. It is wonderful light but it is able to capture air professionally. Also, it aids to warm the atmosphere as well as provide great defense from the cold.

There are lots of kinds of down comforters obtainable in the marketplace. It will be superior for you to spend more cash to obtain yourself a top quality one in order that you can employ it for the long term. The top quality down comforters is made by utilizing baffles to surround the section of down within the comforter in order that down will not move from one part to another. Everyone should keep in mind that best comforters will not be flattened simply. Throughout winter, top quality comforters set plays a significant role in keeping warm as well as healthy.

Normally a down comforter will label for its filled power. Actually, this rating involves the quality of down itself. When it is sterilized and washed, a little of down obtain the space (it takes in cubic inches). The fill rating of extremely expensive down might be over 700 cubic inches when a lesser class down will closer to 300. The standard down comforter may have a rating of about 500 or more. The greater the rating, the fluffier comforter as well as the additional warmth will be provided.

One more rating is known as fill weight that is the measurement of the real bulk weight utilized in comforter more willingly than descriptions of the excellence of down Best down Comforter; click here for more information.

Nice Soft Bed and ComforterA very fashionable down comforter comes from Eider-horn ducks in far northern areas of Scotland, Iceland, and Canada. Due to the reputation of an Eider-horn comforter, the price is extremely high. The pillow is especially soft as well as has very well-built thermal properties.

A Synthetic best down comforter is a great thing for the peoples who like the comfort of down but cannot afford it. A Synthetic down comforter is filled with special materials that feel as soft as well as warm as real down. By lots of dissimilar duvet covers, you be able to match your comforters which will fit the style of your house.

The suede comforters are awfully accepted. The suede comforters are heavier as well as little harder. On the other hand, micro-suede comforters are the selection because it is easier to protect as well as light.

Other choices are satin comforters which offer a very complicated look. The satin comforters come in many dissimilar jewel tone black satins as well as colors. It is slippery in addition to this may be for you.

If greasy is an issue for you then thinks silk comforters. Silk comforters are Cozy, Lightweight as well as warm in addition to being very beautiful but also silk is very friendly.

In common, the best down comforter is categorized into two main groups such as the baffle box building and sewn during stitching. The price of getting sewn during stitching is lesser in compared with baffle box design. You should know the particular features of dissimilar comforters as well as evaluate them according to your needs.

Besides this, you’re reminded to determine the size of the comforter. To get the correct size, you must find out the real dimensions of bed. A number of people like to get king sized comforter even they’ve small sized bed. They like better comforters in order that they can fuller drop just about their beds. In outline, the best down comforters are a personal option. The price is a thought, but so appearance, fashion, style is more considerable.